Our Clubs and Workshops

To enable young learners to learn languages while having fun, Calliope has set up clubs aimed at practicing the language, developing creativity, fostering group work dynamics, and collective enrichment through exciting exercises that combine creativity and logic.

Storytelling Workshop

The storytelling workshop is the art of telling a story in an exciting and simple way. This workshop aims to teach the techniques of narrative structure, how to give rhythm to a story through suspense and twists, making it thrilling, and creating and bringing characters to life.

Public Speaking Workshop

Speaking confidently in public is not innate. It is a skill acquired through experience and practice. The Public Speaking Workshop aims to raise awareness among learners about the importance of communication, introduce them to the art of communication from an early age, and teach them how to properly prepare a speech while emphasizing the importance of gestures.

Debating Workshop

Participating in a debate goes beyond a simple language practice exercise; it is also an exercise in democracy and citizenship that teaches learners to express a personal position, collectively analyze differences, and build responses together.

Games Workshop

The Games Workshop consists of educational and playful games, either in pairs or groups, which allow learners to learn while strengthening team spirit and solidarity.

Spelling Bee Workshop

This workshop aims to transform a traditional spelling exercise into a motivating activity with the applause and encouragement of little bees who succeed in spelling words correctly.

Jeopardy Workshop

Finding the corresponding question or the correct answer. Jeopardy is a classic game embedded in American culture characterized by its simplicity and its ability to make learning fun. Jeopardy allows for the creation of an online game that engages the entire class. Guaranteed fun!