Calliope & Cambridge Training: Writing Assessment, 28/29 October in Rabat & Casablanca.

On October 28 and 29, Calliope and Cambridge held an exclusive training in Casablanca and Rabat, named “Writing Assessment Standardisation”. This workshop helped seasoned educators improve their skills in assessing students’ writing at B1 and B2 levels, as per the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages.

The workshop aimed to explore the distinctions of CEFR levels, highlighting key points. This would help teachers give better feedback to their students. The interactive setup urged participants to engage in discussions and make CEFR level decisions in small groups, promoting a hands-on learning experience.

Darren Perrett, the Senior Assessment Services, Recognition and Pedagogy Manager at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, led the session. With five years spent on developing Linguaskill in Cambridge, Darren now heads a regional team of experts in assessment, pedagogy, and recognition. His expertise provided deeper insight into writing assessment standardization.

The workshop aimed to boost the assessment skills of attendees and equip them with knowledge to share Cambridge’s insights with their schools. Participants left with a better understanding of CEFR levels, enriched by the practical experience and discussions during the session.

In recognition of their effort, all participants received a Certificate of Attendance. This gesture showcased the collaborative spirit of Calliope and Cambridge, and their shared goal to improve language education and assessment in Morocco.

This joint effort by Calliope and Cambridge shows their commitment to raising the standard of language education and assessment in Morocco. Through such initiatives, both institutions significantly contribute to the educational landscape, ensuring teachers are well-equipped to help students achieve their language goals.

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