Exams for English Teachers

A flexible and internationally recognized test to develop your teaching skills.

TKT is composed of a series of tests that assess your skills in specific areas of English language teaching.

Among the 3 existing modules, you can choose as many as you wish and take them at different times. You will receive a Cambridge English certificate for each module passed.

TKT allows teachers to certify their teaching experience with an internationally recognized certificate.

It is suitable for all English language teachers, whether they work with adults or children.

After taking the TKT, you can pursue another teaching qualification such as CELTA or Delta.

TKT is situated between Stage 1 (Fundamentals) and Stage 2 (Development) in the four stages of teacher development that make up the Cambridge English Teaching Framework.

With TKT, you demonstrate to your employer that you can:

  • Master different teaching methods.
  • Wisely use available teaching resources.
  • Plan your lessons effectively.
  • Employ varied classroom management techniques suitable for any situation.

Reasons to Choose TKT:

    • Internationally recognized certificate accepted in 60 countries.
    • Enhances your career opportunities and professional growth.
    • Develops your knowledge and skills.
    • Available as face-to-face or online training.
    • Modular and flexible test.

    For more information, download the brochure.