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Calliope supports you and brings its expertise and experience in two fields of activity: translation and interpreting.

Translation and interpreting require fundamentally different skills and are usually performed by different professionals.

Our Strengths


Experienced translators primarily working in their native language

Our translators are experienced professionals with degrees in translation. They usually translate from a source language into their own language.

Mastery of professional environments

Each profession has its own linguistic specifics. Calliope – Translation & Interpreting is committed to respecting the unique characteristics of each client thanks to a deep understanding of professional environments and mastery of specialized vocabulary.

Confidentiality assured

Respect for professional secrecy is an absolute imperative for all those involved in our projects, both internal and external.


Professional interpreters adapting to your needs Communicate effectively with professional interpreters for all your international exchanges: international conferences, business meetings, congresses, meetings, visits, seminars…

High-quality services and deliverables

Calliope – Translation & Interpreting supports its clients in urgent situations without compromising on quality.

The quality of our services and our responsiveness are values that we put at the service of your requirements. A systematic proofreading of the translation by someone other than the translator is always carried out in a constant concern for quality.

Calliope understands your imperatives and balances your three priorities: price, quality, and deadline.

Calliope provides you with a comprehensive linguistic organization service in several language combinations and in many sectors of activity.

Our services


Our mission encompasses a variety of fields:

Technical: Tenders, technical manuals, scientific documents, user manuals…

Legal: Sworn translations, contracts, trials, statutes…

Literary: Press releases, novels, journals, books…

IT: Databases, management applications…

Financial: Reports, statements, balance sheets…

Advertising: Advertising campaigns, announcements, leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, websites…

Commercial: Presentations, business proposals, product descriptions…

Medical: Pharmacology, clinical reports, scientific articles…

HR: Employment contracts, CVs, cover letters…


Our Interpreting Service comes in different forms.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This is the most frequently used mode of interpreting. Its main advantage: it takes place simultaneously with the original speech and does not extend the duration of the session. Simultaneous interpreting is essential in multilingual conferences (as opposed to bilingual conferences) and in conferences where work sessions are long.

Escort Interpreting

This is a liaison interpreting where the interpreter is much more involved in the organization (mobility, event management).

Consecutive Interpreting

This involves delivering the speaker’s speech in the other language after the speaker has finished. During the original speech, the interpreter takes notes to help them faithfully and fully reproduce the speech. It does not require any special equipment and gives the interlocutors time for reflection. It is well-suited for visits of dignitaries, negotiations, and short speeches, such as dinner speeches.

Welcoming and Taking Care of Foreign Visitors

This requires knowledge of cultural differences related to hospitality to provide a quality service.